Mother Of Hope Cameroon
              ( MOHCAM)


Mother of Hope Cameroon transforms Women and Girls to explore and develop their potentials and create change in their world.

                  Human Rights.                                                                                        Girls Must Lead 237.

Human Rights empowers girls to break the cycle of violence and assess for justice
We cross cultures,races,status investing in visionary leaders

Forced And Early Marriages.                                                          School Related Gender Based Violence.         

Fifteen million girls are married every year before they turn 18. 15 million lives forever uneducated.

Violence in Schools exposes girl's to Psychological Violence and disrupts their education.

   Peace and Security.                                                                       Sexual Reproductive Health Rights.

Propagating the Culture of Peace in Schools

Action2015 Young Power Campaign

Our Programs

1.Advance gender equality and the fight against all forms of violence affecting women and girl
    1. Provide Psychological Counseling
    2. Support victims with a revolving capital of 50,000frs to start a business
    3. Provide books and school fees for vulnerable girl's victims
    4. Sensitization campaigns promoting Peace and non- violence measures on Media/Churches
    5. Workshops and training on the national and internals Laws which protect women and girls

    2.Empower women and girls in Leadership and Development/Economic Empowerment and the fight against poverty.

      1. Support women economically with a revolving capital of 50,000frs to start a business
      2. Provide books/school requirements and school fees to educate more girls in schools
      3. Leadership training for girls in secondary schools to equip them as future women politicians
      4. Link girl leaders to women leaders in communities and in political positions for mentoring.

      3.Educate women and girls on sexual reproductive health rights in schools and communities.

        1. Sensitization of Sex Education in schools and communities
        2. Sensitization of Women Groups on Sex and Family Life
        3. Sexual Rights and Responsibilities
        4. Fight against sexual violence in schools and communities
        5. Advocating for the re-washable sanitary pads for women and girls to fight against poverty and create employment for many in the production industry. Also encouraging women to promote Eco-free products

        • Mohcam advocates for the Rights of Women and Girls
        • Provide Psychological Counseling
        • Assist Women and Girl's with Legal Advise
        • Educate Women and Girls on their Sexual Reproductive Health
        • Train Women and Girls into Leadership and Development
        • We Support Vulnerable Girls with Scholarships and School Requirements.
        Sexual Education in Rural Communities of Mubang and Ntasen-Bamenda

        Sensitization of Women Groups on Sex and Family Life

                      Proudly Woman- Reusable Pads

        Report on Menstruation Activities in Schools: